- Participate to the project -

You want to participate in the Meanwhile Project? Great, and thank you!
Any material can be used (camera or cellphone), you just have to follow the guidelines bellow. Once your work uploaded on a video sharing website like youtube or vimeo, send the film's link at this adress: themeanwhileproject@outlook.com.

There's three kinds of videos you can do:
-A static video. Example here. (From two minutes, but the longer is the best)
-An overview video. Example here. (Between two and ten minutes)
-A walking video. Example here. (From ten minutes, but the longer is the best)

(Note: if you don't know how to edit a film, shoot simply a few minutes static video about a place in your town [like this one]. Then, upload it as it is on youtube [to create an account is easy and fast] or any video-sharing platform and send us the link. It's as simple as that!)

And here are the Guidelines:
-The video must be in the 16/9 aspect ratio.
-Please don't do zoom, close-up or camera movements (Up and down or 360°). The view must be wide, it's always better if we let the viewer choose where its look wanders.
-To have a video that is neutral and faithfull to the atmosphere of the place, please don't add music or voice-over, nor do image improvement. Do not add either logo or writings during the video.
-Shoot only public places, and outside scenes (streets, squares, nature...).
-Keep the ground in the bottom of the image, please don't shoot only building facades.
-Try to always keep people in the frame and choose a place to shoot where people can pass close to your camera. The video will be even better if we can see people's faces.
-Try to always have a stable picture, shakings can spoil the viewer's pleasure. If you don't have a tripod, put your camera somewhere while it's recording. Otherwise, use afterwards a picture stabilizator (youtube have a quite good one).
-If you do record a walk, try to always keep the focus in front of you.
-If you record an overview video, with various shots, each ones should last between 15 and 25 seconds. Not too short or too long.
-Post your film on a video-sharing website, send the link to us (with your name if you wish to see it on the "participants" page), and we will be glad to add it to the Meanwhile world's database!

If you notice a broken link, or if you delete one of your videos, please send an e-mail to notify us at: themeanwhileproject@outlook.com.

And last but not least, please, in the description of the video or at the beggining of it, feel free to link to the website. For exemple : "See much more on http://www.themeanwhileproject.com/ !!!" ;)

That's it, thanks again!