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The Meanwhile Project is a participative and non profit website collecting videos from all over the world.

Who created this website? Clément Elbaz, a 25 years old traveller from Toulouse. Here's his own website, if you want to know more about him.

How does it work? Thanks to you! Budget: 0€. The website is managed by volunteers and fueled by its participants. That's with the videos sent by the visitors, shot in their towns or during their trips, that the Meanwhile Project is growing and becoming more and more representative of what Earth looks like.

What is its utility? When one hears the name of a place on TV or reads it somewhere, one often wonders what this place looks like. And the problem is, frequently, that music and voice-overs in documentaries or partisan comments in press spoil the image one could have about this place. So, in order to help people to discover the world in a neutral and simple way, the Meanwhile Project offers a video database about the maximum of places in the world. Of course, these videos are not in direct live, but they show faithfully the atmosphere of a city like it should be, Meanwhile, while you are sitting in front of your screen.

How to use it? Simply. By browsing the map or the "find a place" page if you're looking for a specific location. If there's no particular destination wished, just have a sit, take a drink, choose a random spot and make the most of an instant access to anywhere you wish, to enjoy a few minutes escape from every day life, for instance, during your breakfast or your break at work.

The aim, in brief, is to share and discover our cities in another way. On our own, to see how life is elsewhere and to become conscious about the wideness of the world, by in the same time making it more little.

The website were launched in May 2013, and the Meanwhile Team is currently collecting the firsts contributions.. Your one is most welcome!

Contact : themeanwhileproject@outlook.com